Artist Jackie Holland Berkley

 January 12 - February 28, 2018

Featured Artists: Lynn Davison, Jackie Holland Berkley, and Tim Jaeger


Figurative art has undergone many transformations over the centuries, from the classical style of ancient Greek sculpture evolving into more expressive treatments by artists such as Picasso and De Kooning.  The three artists in this exhibit present unique, visual voices capturing, not only human forms, but also the emotional realms that envelop them. 

The work of Lynn Davison is raw and real.  Her figures reach out, contort, and interact with the viewer. She states that “(M)y work is enigmatic, without apology. I believe that meaning is constructed at the point where art and the viewer interact.”

Bold swatches of oil and acrylic on canvas and patterned fabric bring Tim Jaeger’s figures to life with a palpable vibrancy.  Some are caught in quiet, pensive moments while others illuminated with energy.

“While the final translation of the image is left for the viewer to decide, it is my sincere hope that the spiritual quality of describing the human heart shines through” states Jackie Holland Berkley.  Her gestural brushwork loosely defines her figures allowing the viewer the freedom to assign personal interpretation.