Exhibit Title:  Papier

Dates: March 9th- April 30th, 2018.  Opening Reception March 9th from 6-8 pm.

Featured Artists:  Robert Lang, Andres Bardales, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, and Robert Tucker

Exhibit Description: Papier showcases the work of four accomplished artists who all use paper as their primary medium, but in vastly different ways including collage, origami, and handmade books. 

  •  Robert Lang is known for some of the most complex origami designs ever created. Using only a single sheet of paper, he creates intricate animal sculptures with segmented bodies, overlapping scales, individual claws, and antennae.  He lectures widely on origami and its connections to mathematics, science, and technology, and teaches workshops on both artistic techniques and applications of folding in industrial design. 


  • Elizabeth St. Hilaire describes her vibrantly colored collages as “paper paintings.” She states, “(m)y technique has evolved through the years as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made, and a wide variety of textured and patterned papers. Layering and weaving, pushing and pulling the colors, patterns, and values makes collage liken to dance. I go back and forth, alternating and overlapping until the rhythm creates something I love.”  The results; canvases that dance with color, rhythm, and energy. 


  •  Large-scale, folded paper “wall works” created by Andres Bardales take origami principals and propel them into another realm altogether. “The implementation of lines, repetition and geometric shapes is essential in my work. I use these elements to create unique pixilated images or abstract compositions. Incorporating recycled paper, newspaper, and old encyclopedias as the main material in my pieces gives new life to these sources of information. In an increasingly digital age, printed materials are slowly becoming obsolete. By transforming them in my pieces, they are given new relevancy without losing the printed wealth of knowledge.”


  •  “Papier” features 18 handmade, folding books by Robert Tucker. These pieces were created during an intensely emotional period when Tucker was a juror on a lengthy high-profile murder case that took place in California.   “Each day was as though a page in a book was being turned.  Some pages wordy and difficult to comprehend and others graphic and on point.  I experienced many emotions and a way of working with them was to create my own pages which culminated in the books you see here.  Some pages allude to the trial and details presented therein.  I found refuge in these pages.”